What is your turnaround?

Typical turnaround is 10-15 business days, but it depends on the complexity of the job and current workload. This will be communicated to you before signing off on the job.

Turnaround starts once we have sign off and deposit for the job.

What if I need my job QUICK!

Depending on the workload, we are able to get jobs done quick. A rush fee WILL be added. Rush fees depends on the date you need the final product.

Same day printing is doable, but we prefer next day...

What type of files do you accept?

We prefer Illustrator, .eps and .pdf files. Please make sure all text is outlined and appropriate Pantone colors are used in your final file. It is key that the artwork is editable. We must be able to change the color of the artwork for the plate process.

What are your payment terms?

We require a non-refundable 50% deposit to begin your job. Final payment of remaining balance is due upon completion, and highly prefered before shipment. Taxes and shipping costs are not included in estimates. Tax will be applied if you are in PA. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and checks. If possible, checks are preferred.

Do you ship for free?

Shipping is not free. Shipping will be added to final invoice. We ship all packages through FedEx or UPS. If you would like us to use a preferred method or ship using your account, please let us know and provide the information.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes indeed. Invoice balance, including shipping must be paid before project is sent out. We will provide a few shipping quotes for you to choose from.

Is there a minimum or maximum that you can print?

Nope. Setup costs are consistent, whether we are printing 1 or 100,000.

Please keep in mind the material cost!

What is the largest size you can letterpress print or foil stamp?

Letterpress printing: We print on 10”x15” Heidelberg presses, which can handle a 10x15 sheet of paper. The artwork (including crops) must fit within 9”x12”

Foil Stamping- We foil stamp on 13"x18" and 10”x15” Heidelberg presses.

What is the difference between an emboss and a deboss?

The majority of our printing is debossed- both letterpress and foil.

-Emboss is when the paper is raised using special dies, which are not made in house.

-Deboss is when the design is pushed into the paper.

Do you allow press checks?

Yes, and they are free. If interested in a press check please let us know when you sign off on your job. All setup will be done before you arrive, since sometimes it takes quite a while. Once we are set up, we will print whether you show or cancel.

If you are not local, we can also send photos of the job one we start printing. For this we will also have to schedule a time so that communication can be made and time is not wasted.

What is the smallest line weight your plates can handle?

Polymer plates and copper foil dies can only handle so much. .25 pt strokes are the smallest we can print. This also applies to serifs. The easiest way to test this is to draw a .25 stroke and drag it around to check. If it feels too small or have any questions, please ask.

.25pt .25pt .25pt .25pt .25pt .25pt .25pt .25pt .25pt .25pt

Can you duplex any paper together?

Yes, we can duplex any paper to create a one of a kind custom project for you. We can also triplex paper if interested. This adds a unique look, especially if a colored stock is sandwiched in the middle. Duplexing is not limited to paper. We can glue wood veneer, felt, etc...

Can you print large areas of color?

Yes, we can, but it is not always easy. Larger areas of solid color or patterns might cause the paper to bow/bend, depending on the stock.

When printing large blocks of color and also fine lines or text, it is sometimes best to have a separate plate. It takes a good bit of modified ink to print larger areas, so another plate is used to keep fine lines and text clean. There is no reason to have inky text!

It is best to glue a colored sheet of paper if you want a solid color. This is not always possible with each job, but you will get the best result.

Why kind of ink do you use?

We use rubber based inks, and metallic inks are oil based.

Can you print metallics?

Yes, we can print metallic inks. Metallic inks are not limitted to silver and gold. It is important to know that metallic ink will not have a glossy shine to it, especially if printing on uncated stock. If you are looking to have a glossy look, foil printing is the way to go.

Can you color match?

We can color match, but prefer you to choose an actual Solid Uncoated Pantone color. If you have a paper you would like matched, just send it our way. All ink is mixed by hand.

Can you print CMYK or RGB?

If you are creating files in CMYK or RGB, the colors must be converted to Pantone Solid Uncoated.

When submitting a job, please include pantone colors in the actual file.

Does printing with no color (Blind) count as a color? Does printing black count as a color?

Yes and yes. Both require plates and setup.

Is it possible to print colored inks on colored paper?

Letterpress inks are transparent. Printing colored inks on colored paper is doable, but it is very hard to match a pantone color, since all colored letterpress inks are transparent. When printing a colored ink on a colored stock, it will create a tone of the color chosen. We can mix opaque white when mixing the ink, but it is difficult to guarantee what the final result will be.

When printing opaque white, the ink will not appear bright white. It ends up being a light grey/blue and is usually spotty.

Metallic ink and foil stamping work great on color paper.

Can you overprint colors?

Yes, overprinting is a great way to create an additional color without requiring an additional plate. It is sometimes hard to predict what the final color will turn out to be, but in Illustrator you can get a general idea by using multiply.

Do you offer design services?

We do not, but we do work with quite a few very talented designers. If you need a recomendation, just ask.

Do you edge paint?

We do edge paint. When requesting edge painting, please provide a pantone color, or colors so we can match. We are able to paint more than 1 color. We can edge paint any paper or project, but thicker stocks usually work the best. We do not edge paint with the actual printing ink and we also do not offer foiled edges.

Can you edge paint even if you didn't print the job?

Yes- Whether your job is letterpress, offset or digital, we can edge paint it. There are a few things we do require, so please contact us before having the job printed.

What kind of paper do you use?

We are able to print on almost any paper. Cranes Lettra is our house stock. Some other papers we print on include- Reich Savoy Cotton, French Paper Co., and Colorpan. If choosing a colored stock, French Paper Co. and Colorplan are great options.

What is the largest you can diecut?

The largest we can diecut is 11"x17"

When submitting a file for die cut, please place the die lines on a separate layer. Dies are not made in house.